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Contractor Insurance

This instant online insurance rate program is provides general liability coverage for artisan/trade contractors in the construction industry for both residential and commercial work.

Another contractor insurance program from AMTrust Financial Company.

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  • Low Down & Monthly Payments
  • Lapse in Coverage Accepted
  • New Ventures Accepted
  • Monthly Payment Plans
  • Occurrence Form
  • Rates Based on Payroll
  • Same Day Policy Number
  • Blanket Additional Insureds

A Rated (07/25/14)

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$1,000,000 Per Occurrence
$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$2,000,000 Products/Completed Ops Aggregate


  • $0 to $2,500
  • Standard Deductible is $1,000*
  • Discounts for Higher Deductibles

*Applies to property damage and bodily injury on a per claim basis.


  • Premium Must be Below $15,000
  • $200,000 Maximum Annual Sub Costs
  • $1,500,000 Maximum Annual Gross Sales
  • No Loss Runs Required for Accounts up to $7,500 in Premium
  • New Construction in Tract Home Subdivisions of up to 15 Homes
  • Discounts for 100% Service/Repair Work for Residential/Commercial Projects
  • Owner/Officer Payroll is Only $12,000 Each and for Non-Clerical Owners Only
  • Employee Payroll Need Not Include Proprietors, Partners, Officers, Sales Only or Clerical



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Definitions of Payroll and Explanation Subcontractor Costs

Owner/Officer Payroll

Includes proprietors, partners, and officers active in the business – except those that exclusively handle clerical duties. $12,000 minimum payroll for each owner. If all owners are clerical or sales then $12,000 is charged for one owner only (plus any employee payroll).

Employee Payroll

Includes payroll of employees (except excluded below), clean up workers, tradesmen, casual laborers, leased employees, and labor pool personnel.

Employee Payroll Does Not Include

Proprietors, partners, officers, sales only and clerical office employees.

  • Example 1 (Policy Period 1/1/13-1/1/14)

2 owners – 1 sales/clerical and 1 in field is $12,000 minimum for active owner 2 employees – both working their trade in the field paid $43,000. Total payroll used in this submission – $55,000.


  • Example 2 (Policy Period 1/1/13-1/1/14)

1 owner – 1 sales/clerical is $12,000 minimum (must have a $12,000 charge for at least 1 owner as minimum for owners regardless of duties!) 1 employee – Employee is working their trade in the field paid $18,000. Total payroll used in this submission – $30,000.

Explanation of Subcontractor Costs

The total annual cost of subcontractor payments and the operations performed by the subcontractors for the applicant (ie: painting, flooring etc) must be reported. All subcontractors must name the applicant as an additional insured (AI) on the subcontractor’s policies and provide a Certificate showing limits of insurance at least equal to or greater than the limits on this policy.



Over 50 Subcontractor Classes Accepted

  • Air Conditioning
    Alarms & Security Systems – Res. & Comm.
    Appliance Installation – Commercial
    Appliance Installation – Household (residential)appliances.
    Carpentry – Commercial
    Carpentry – Handyman
    Carpentry – Interior – Finish carpentry
    Carpentry – Residential
    Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning
    Ceiling/Wall Installation
    Chimney Cleaning
    Communication Equipment Installation
    Concrete Construction
    Conduit Construction
    Debris Removal – Construction Site
    Door/Millwork Installation
    Drilling – Water
    Driveway/Sidewalk Paving
    Drywall – Residential service and new commercial
    Drywall – New Residential
    Electrical – Within Buildings
    Electrical Apparatus – Outside Buildings
    Excavation – Max. depth 12 ft.
    Fence Erection
    Floor Covering – No Tile
    Grading – Snow removal ok.
  • Heat/AC no LPG – Sales, installation, service or repair
    House Furnishing Installation – Residential Only
    Insulation Work, Mineral – Excluding Asbestos
    Insulation Work, Organic – Excluding Asbestos
    Insulation Work, Plastic – Excluding Asbestos
    Janitorial – Commercial Offices Only
    Landscape Maintenance & Gardening – Basic landscape/lawn care service, over-the-counter fertilizer/weed control ok
    Masonry – No retaining walls over 6 BUT perimeter wall over 6 feet ok
    Metal Erection – Decorative – Interior, non-structural work only
    Paint Exterior (3 stories & Under)
    Paint Interior – NO exterior work
    Plumbing Commercial – No fire sprinklers or steam boiler work
    Plumbing Residential – NO New Residential
    Prefabricated Building Erection – Light, non-habitational. NO commercial retail usage.
    Refrigeration Equipment Installation/Service
    Satellite Dish Installation – Service or repair – NO work above 3 stories
    Septic Tank Cleaning – No RV work. NO work below 12 feet. Cleaning of restaurant grease traps ok.
    Septic Tank Installation – Commercial No RV, blasting or work below 12 feet.
    Sewer Mains Construction – No work below 12 feet. NO blasting.
    Siding and Gutter Installation
    Sign Painting – No sign erection or work over 2 stories. Only 100% Service/Repair and/or Commercial risks permitted in this class.
    Tile/Stone Installation – Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work
    Water Mains Construction
    Window Cleaning
    Window Decorating – commercial


Our user-friendly online system allows you to quote and apply all in one place. Your application and policy offer will be emailed to you using Adobe EchoSign.

EchoSign is the easiest online signing experience in the industry – so you’ll get your policy bound quickly. You’ll receive an email with a link to your policy offer which is loaded into a web browser, so no downloads or software installations are needed! Then, review and e-sign instantly online or offline with a mouse, stylus or by typing your name. If you’d prefer, we can still use the good’ol fashioned print and fax!

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